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If you suffer a road accident on the way while you go to work or return from work, you are entitled to compensation, not only for the road accident, for physical and vehicle damage, but also to INAIL compensation. Contact us and we will protect you.

The roads today have a rough surface, which act as the cause of road accidents, pedestrians falling or tires bursting. It is the duty of the municipality to guarantee a good state of maintenance of the road surface that does not endanger road traffic or the safety of pedestrians or cyclists. The firm offers both extrajudicial and legal assistance in order to obtain compensation for damage caused by poor state of road maintenance. How many times especially old people fall disastrously to the ground due to the hollows of the sidewalks due to the roots of the trees that swell the road, or even the autumn leaves that cover the sidewalks and that after a rain are slippery or cover a deep hole? Yet.